Real Solution to Your Health Problems

By August 28, 2019 Articles

Finally, a Real Solution to Your Health Problems

I’ve tried everything you could think of to stay healthy as I get older. Eating a good diet, exercising, getting enough sleep, and even trying some of the different supplements that you hear about to improve gut health. But no matter what I’ve tried, I still spent years suffering from the same problems day in and day out. And when I got sick, it would take weeks to feel better.

After spending most of my years doing the right things, this season of my life was supposed to be fun. But instead of enjoying my retirement by traveling and visiting with friends and family, I was stuck at the doctor’s office waiting to hear what’s wrong with me this time.

Granted, my prescriptions provided some relief. But then something else would come along. Sometimes it was a side effect of the medication, and other times it was an entirely new issue. I always had something wrong like colds, germs, bugs, and sometimes even the flu.

I was determined to find the right solution.

So I started experimenting with different things like turmeric, probiotics, and that new CBD oil that’s become so popular.

The turmeric didn’t do much for me and probiotics, well they tasted. And I couldn’t really tell enough difference to keep up with them. That CBD oil was so confusing. The prices were all over the place, and when I researched it further, I couldn’t find any real evidence that it actually worked…just a lot of people claiming how great it was.

And I wasn’t going to pay $200 for a tiny bottle of something that had no real evidence of actually working. I’d already wasted enough money on pharmaceutical drugs that didn’t work.

And that’s when I came across something that really caught my attention…

Beta glucans. At first, as I was reading about how beta glucans can do everything from increasing your energy, reduce inflammation, fight colds, lower cholesterol, AND help you lose weight, I thought this had to be too good to be true.

I mean, there’s just no way that one so-called superfood could actually do this much good!

But then I discovered countless articles about how incredible beta glucans are. In fact, there have been 8,500 clinical studies proving the effectiveness of beta glucans. Scientists around the world from places like Harvard Medical School, Baylor College of Medicine, Brazilian State University of Campinas, and the University of Naples have all studied the impact of beta glucans.

On PubMed, the official website of the US National Library of Medicine, there are over 14,000 different scientific papers on them!

I couldn’t believe how much research there was on beta glucans. And it left me wondering, why in the world hadn’t I heard of them before?

I’ll get to that in a moment, but first, let me explain what beta glucan is. Beta Glucan is polysaccharide that is naturally found in beans, fruits, mushrooms, yeast, and oat bran. It’s believed to be the most powerful solution for immune system support.

How do beta glucans help, you ask? Where do I begin…

Beta glucan provides immune system support. There’s evidence that beta glucans can help to regulate and boost your immune system so that you don’t get sick.

Studies also indicate that by taking beta glucans every day you can balance your gut health. And the beta glucans that are found in oats have been proven in clinical studies to even reduce cholesterol.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, beta glucans also have the ability to increase your energy and even fight aging! This is one product that actually works as good as it sounds.

So, back to the question of why haven’t you heard of it. The truth is, up until recently, it was really expensive and complicated to extract beta glucan.

And even when it was extracted, it was difficult to get more than 85% pure beta glucan. So, although it’s been around for years, the only people who took it were those whose lives depended on paying the hefty price to access them.

Beta Glucans are now readily available to all, but not all of them are equal

As with most things, now that the word is out about beta glucans, new and more affordable products are available. But to really get the most out of this superfood, it is important to know what to look for in the products you buy.
There are three things you need to consider when choosing a beta glucan product: purity, source, and dosage.

How beta glucans are processed can impact their level of purity, so be sure to find a source that uses an ultra-pure process, and that they come from a trusted source. You also want to be sure to focus on quality over quantity.

Some of the new products like to tout their high percentage or number of milligrams to prove their effectiveness. But oftentimes, this is just hype. What’s more important is the quality of the beta glucan that is sourced.

So, how do you find high-quality beta glucans?

Luckily, it’s easier than you might think. There’s a brand called iNR Wellness MD that is backed by science and created by doctors. And not just any doctors, but some of the leading experts on subjects like gut health, urology, and nutrition.

One of the doctors behind this supplement is Dr. Jack Gilbert, who’s been featured on PBS Nova, Fox News, and RadioLab for his work on microbes and gut health. He even has a few TED talks on the subject.

Another one of the doctors behind iNR Wellness MD is Dr. Joseph Ditrolio MD. Dr. Ditrolio is a world-renown urologist and is even a diplomate on the American Board of Urology.

Their work combined with that of Dr. Liz Lipinski, another world renown doctor and clinical nutritionist, make for a product containing the purest and highest quality beta glucans on the market today.

Their product is organic, all-natural, gluten-free and chemical-free. Plus, it’s 95% pure so your body absorbs it well. It gives me peace of mind knowing that they don’t use any ingredients that have not been shown to benefit the body.

Now that I use iNR Wellness MD, I feel so different than before.

I haven’t been sick in months. No congestion, no inflammation, and no weekly visits to the doctor. Plus, I have way more energy than I have had in years! I would have never believed that one thing could have such a big impact on my health and my wallet.

I am thrilled to tell you that instead of wasting away in the doctor’s office just waiting for him to give me more bad news, I’m out living life. I meet my friends for lunch and shopping, I keep up with my grandkids, and I even have a cruise planned for later this year. ( I can’t wait to sign up for some of those adventurous excursions!)

I’ve shared iNR Wellness MD with my friends and family and I am so happy to report that they are seeing a difference in their health too. Now that my immune system is in good shape and my gut health’s in check, the retirement years are finally what I always wanted them to be! It’s so amazing that I can’t contain my joy. I want everyone to experience the quality of life that I now have. There’s no reason not to!

How to Order iNR Wellness MD

If you are ready to see for yourself what I’m talking about, I suggest giving iNR Wellness a try. They offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, so if for any reason you aren’t satisfied, you literally have nothing to lose.

You can buy iNR Wellness beta glucan supplements directly from their website. In fact, it’s the only way you can get your hands on it.

And the best part is that it might actually save you money on trips to the doctor and expensive prescriptions to fill. iNR Wellness is only $54.95 for a bottle that will last you an entire month!

But I don’t want you to make the same mistake I made.

When I first ordered, I started with one bottle because, even though I’d read all the information, verified the facts and the credentials of the doctors, and knew that the product had a money-back guarantee, my years of failed experiments still left me skeptical – and so I only ordered one bottle.

I started to feel amazing, and then it happened…the month ended, and I ran out of my supplements. I had to wait a few days for them to arrive – and they felt like the longest days ever!

Now, I always order at least three months at a time so that I have my supply of beta glucans and can continue to feel my best.

iNR Wellness offers a discount for purchasing a 3 month supply (saving me $60.15 on my order), plus I signed up for their subscribe and save plan, which knocks another 20% off the price – and so I never have to worry about running out again.

If you are ready to enjoy your life, feel good every day, and have the energy you need to do so, you need to try iNR Wellness MD beta glucans too.

Just click here to place your order.

Dr. Jack Gilbert

Leading Expert on Gut Health

Your immune system is amazing. It works 24/7 to protect you from bacteria, viruses, pollutants, and radiation. In fact, the average human immune system destroys millions of pathogens and infected cells every single day.

Research has shown that beta glucans, which are prebiotic polysaccharides found in yeasts, mushrooms, and oats, can give your immune system the edge it needs to keep you healthy.

Yeast beta glucan is believed to be the most powerful immune modulator for immune system support. Oat beta glucans have been clinically shown to lower cholesterol. In Asia, Reishi Mushroom is known as the “mushroom of immortality”. Beta glucan’s powerful immune system support can help the way you feel, look and perform!