Revitalized My Immune System

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The One-of-a-Kind, Twice-A-Day Supplement Which Revitalized My Immune System & Keeps Me and My Kids Beyond Healthy

My livelihood AND my family absolutely depends on me being healthy.

So as a self-employed business owner in my mid-50s, and most importantly, a single father of 3, if I get sick it could very well mean a devastating hit to our lives.

We’re talking…

… struggling to pay the bills…

… not being able to drive my kids to school, help them with their homework, or even take them (and pick them up) from soccer practice

… and scariest of all, if I got hammered by some kind of disease, the very real threat of not being able to be there for them anymore.

Now sure, I have insurance, but that only does so much…
So my health is absolutely vital to my children’s happiness, security and future.

Of course I take all the proper steps like eating healthy, exercising, and doing my best to get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

But here’s the thing…

It’s only until recently that I discovered what the doctors take to maintain a truly healthy mind and body…

Here’s what happened…

About 10 ten months ago I came down with a real nasty case of the flu – it was the worst bout of sickness I’d ever had. Knocked me out for almost 2 weeks, and just when I thought I’d gotten rid of it, about a month later, it came right back to haunt me – damn virus laid me out again for another 10 days!

Now the illness was bad enough…

But it was the realization of getting older and that my body could be starting to break down which really shook me up – like I said, my kids are everything and this was the first real sign that I was changing.

So I started doing some research.

And that’s when I stumbled across a site which really broke down WHY we start getting sicker and weaker as we age. And here’s the kicker…

… the root of our health problems as we get older, wasn’t so much as simple “aging” itself (the years go by for everyone in different ways), but how our immune system starts to weaken.

Now, – like a lot of people – I’d never thought much more about my immune system other than just take my vitamins and hope it fights off the colds. But…

… it turns out that our immune system is the single most important determinant of our overall physical AND mental health!

But here’s the thing…

… no matter how healthy your lifestyle, in many, many cases our immune system will still start to break down, leading to fatigue, sickness, and disease.

So we have to take special care of it.

And here’s the great news…

There’s a very simple solution to doing this.

It’s called beta glucan.

And it’s the key to revitalizing your immune system – protecting you from life-wrecking disease while keeping you healthy and happy.

So how does beta glucan work?

Well, A LOT of time, money and effort has gone into this (50+ years of research and over 8,500+ scientific studies), but in a nutshell….

When functioning properly, the microbes in our gut produce chemical compounds which support our immune system. However, for our microbiome to do this, it requires adequate nourishment – beta glucan is that nourishment. By feeding the bacteria in our gut, beta glucan allows our microbes to produce the vital compounds which in turn feeds our immune system.

And a well fed immune system is a properly energized immune system – one which keeps us ready to fight sickness and disease.

So I was sold on trying the beta glucan (heck, when I told my kids about it they practically demanded I order a year’s supply right then and there!)

But now the question was…

Where did I go to find the highest quality beta glucan supplement?

So I went back to the computer, and after a bit of searching around, I landed on iNR Wellness MD’s site – and man was I impressed.

On top of the incredibly clear videos, where Dr. Jack Gilbert, the Faculty Director of the Microbiome Center, professor in the University of Chicago’s Department of Surgery, and Senior Scientist of the Marine Biological Laboratory clearly explains the essentials of immune system health and the supportive power of beta glucan, I also got to read about iNR’s immense qualifications for delivering premium supplements.

Qualifications like:

Unmatched purity – According to their site, their Yeast Beta Glucan is “derived from a proprietary ultra-pure manufacturing process” and their oat and mushroom glucans are “sourced from the highest quality manufacturers in the world”.

A proprietary triple action formulation – Also, after decades of study from their medical advisory board, they created a proprietary triple action formula called Puracere (the only one of its kind), which contains the 3 types of beta glucan most beneficial for immune support, plus many other benefits!

Quality over quantity – While a lot of other beta glucan supplements boast about their “high milligram” content of beta glucan in a capsule, iNR Wellness knows it’s the quality of the beta glucan which is most important to determining the product’s effectiveness.

This is why at a minimum of 95% pure beta glucan, iNR Wellness MD’s supplement contains the highest purity in the industry!


I also got to look over a whole bunch of outstanding testimonials (there’s over 200 on there!) you can check out for yourself on their site.

And that was enough to convince me – so I made my order.

Now, I’ll tell you something…

Since I started using iNR Wellness MD, I’ve never felt better.
So good in fact, I’ve got my kids taking iNR Wellness too (after all, children get sick too and it’s never too early to start properly taking care of your immune system).

And you can experience beta glucan’s awesome health benefits as well.

Oh, one last thing…

If you’re looking to snag a great deal, iNR Wellness is currently offering a 1 month supply of iNR Wellness – with a 90 Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee – slashed down from the normal list price of $70.00 to just $54.95!

So, if you love life, your family, and your friends, and are interested in achieving an optimally functioning immune system which keeps you healthy, and your loved ones safe, just click the button below…

I Want To Be Healthy, Strong and Happy!

Dr. Jack Gilbert

Leading Expert on Gut Health

Your immune system is amazing. It works 24/7 to protect you from bacteria, viruses, pollutants, and radiation. In fact, the average human immune system destroys millions of pathogens and infected cells every single day.

Research has shown that beta glucans, which are prebiotic polysaccharides found in yeasts, mushrooms, and oats, can give your immune system the edge it needs to keep you healthy.

Yeast beta glucan is believed to be the most powerful immune modulator for immune system support. Oat beta glucans have been clinically shown to lower cholesterol. In Asia, Reishi Mushroom is known as the “mushroom of immortality”. Beta glucan’s powerful immune system support can help the way you feel, look and perform!