The foundation of good health is a strong immune system. Your immune system works around the clock to protect you from pollutants, viruses, bacteria, and millions of other hidden health risks you encounter every single day.

And it’s directly connected to your gut health. In order to keep your immune system in tip-top shape, you need a healthy gut, but how do you this?

Gut health has become a popular subject in the wellness space, and there are plenty of “answers” out there about what to do to improve it. But with so many differing opinions and products on the market, how do you know what’s true and what’s not?  It’s time to take a closer look at the facts.

Popular “solutions” for gut health and immunity

Because gut health and immunity are so vital to our wellness, there are tons of popular solutions for an unhealthy gut. But not all of them actually work. In fact, many of these theories are more marketing ploys than anything else. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones.

First, there’s turmeric. Turmeric could be beneficial. After all, there are numerous preclinical studies to demonstrate its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory. However, there haven’t been enough studies on humans to prove it actually helps us. Plus, scientists don’t know exactly how to use it to reap the benefits. Besides this confusion, turmeric doesn’t absorb into the body well. So it’s difficult to really know what it can do, if anything, for your gut health.

Vitamin C is another example. It was popularized years ago by the Nobel laureate, Dr. Linus Pauling who claimed that Vitamin C, when taken in large doses could help thwart a cold. But this claim has not been proven to be true. Yes, vitamin C has some benefits, and we should eat foods that contain it, but the truth is that this vitamin is only marginally beneficial in preventing colds because the body doesn’t absorb it in the quantities needed to really make a difference. So, its impact on your immune system is questionable.

Recently, CBD oil has hit the market becoming the latest fad for healing inflammation and improving health. However, despite all of the marketing and personal testimonies that CBD works, there is no real scientific evidence yet to prove all of these claims. On top of the lack of research, CBD oil can cost anywhere from $30 to $200 for just one 30 milliliter bottle. Why the huge discrepancy in price? There’s just too little known and too much confusion around this product at this point to really know if it is anything more than hype.

Probiotics are also a popular product for gut health. You can find them in yogurt drinks, buy them in the natural food section of the grocery store, or even take supplements. Probiotics are small cultures of the good bacteria that your gut needs, but there’s a problem here. You see, most probiotic supplements and products contain less than 5% of the good bacteria that your gut needs. Which is why it can be hard for them to be really doing much good. The science behind using probiotics just isn’t there yet. Now, there are people who swear by probiotic supplements, but truth be told, this is more a placebo effect than an actual cure because right now nearly 90% of probiotic products are pretty much worthless.


If none of these options work, then what does?

If you are beginning to feel discouraged about your options for improving your gut health, hang in there. There is a superfood available that provides powerful immune system support and can help you build a strong foundation for lasting health. And it has over 8,500 scientific studies behind it.

This superfood is a prebiotic called beta glucans. Not to be confused with probiotics, prebiotics are a type of fiber that serves as food for the good bacteria in your gut. Prebiotics “feed” your good gut bacteria by allowing them to break down the fiber that your stomach can’t digest on its own. And when this happens, you feel more energized and healthier.


That’s why people who take prebiotic supplements (or eat lots of fibrous vegetables) rarely get sick, have more energy, and even experience weight loss.


Benefits of the superfood beta glucans

Beta glucans are a type of prebiotic polysaccharide that is found naturally in yeasts, mushrooms, and oats. Extensive research has shown that this superfood keeps you energized and healthy while managing your inflammation. You see, as we age, our bodies begin to experience the process of immunosenesence. This is a gradual deterioration in our immune systems. It affects our ability to respond to infections and our long-term memory function. Immunosenesence is believed to happen because of our ongoing (and unavoidable) exposure over time to different antigens such as bacteria and viruses.


However, beta glucans have the ability to counteract the exact negative processes of immunosenesence. Clinical trials on humans have demonstrated that the regular intake of yeast beta glucan through supplements decreased many different types of infections such as colds, flu, upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, and fungal infections.


Another clinical study found beta glucans reduced symptoms of hay fever and allergies. And even more studies show that beta glucans could reduce symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and chronic inflammation. Some beta glucans have even been shown to help lower cholesterol.


Overall, there are numerous ways beta glucans can improve your health such as:

  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Fighting allergies
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Controlling diabetes
  • Weight loss help
  • Healing wounds faster

And all of this can be confirmed in the 8,500 different studies on this amazing superfood. Check them out yourself here.

So, why haven’t you heard of beta glucans before?

If this one superfood has the capability to drastically improve your health and increase your energy – and it’s backed by thousands of scientific studies, you are probably wondering why you’ve never heard of it before, right?

The challenge with beta glucans is that they are natural, not manufactured. And they must be harvested from Baker’s yeast. Up to this point, the purification process has been difficult and expensive.

So only people needing extreme immune support such as cancer patients and those with immunodeficiencies are generally willing to pay the hefty price of around $75 a week – because their lives basically depend on it.

However, this is changing. There is a new product on the market, called iNR Wellness that is derived from 95% pure beta glucan, and it’s 100x more effective than the $75/week product that cancer patients have been taking.

iNR Wellness MD: Doctor Recommended Immune Support

iNR Wellness MD is a new beta glucan supplement that is supported by leading medical experts such as Dr. Jack Gilbert, one of the foremost experts on the microbiome and gut health, Dr. Joseph Ditrolio MD, a world-renown urologist, and Dr. Liz Lipinski, a well-respected clinical nutritionist and academic director of nutrition at the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

This prebiotic supplement, derived from beta glucans, is not only backed by science and leading experts, it is affordable at $49.50 per month.

Plus, iNR Wellness MD is organic, all-natural, gluten-free and chemical-free. It’s also made in the USA and is free of GMOs or dairy.

If you are ready to increase your energy, fight inflammation and illness, and improve your overall health and weight, this beta glucan supplement can help you reach your goals. It comes with a no-risk guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the product, iNR Wellness MD will refund 100% of your money within 90 days, no questions asked.

Are you ready to see for yourself just how powerful this superfood is?  Visit iNR Wellness MD to learn more.