What is the Immune System?

To put it simply, your immune system is your body’s defense against everything that can go wrong. Your immune system is responsible for protecting you from infections bacteria and other pathogens, repairing and healing your body, and even preventing disease.

About the Immune System

The immune system consists of cells and organs that work together to protect your body and keep you healthy.

Think of it like your body’s army. The most famous part of your immune system is also the most important – your white blood cells, otherwise known as leukocytes. These are the soldiers of your immune system army.

You have 2 main types of leukocytes:

  1. Phagocytes, your “first line soldiers” – white blood cells that patrol your body, attacking and destroying any invaders they see on first contact.
  2. Lymphocytes, your “special forces” – cells that remember previous invaders and developed specialized methods to destroy them

To support your foot soldiers, you also need an array of “army bases.” These are the organs of your immune system.

  1. Tonsils and thymus, your organs that make antibodies, the proteins that neutralize pathogens. Think of antibodies like stun guns that disarm invaders until your phagocyte troops show up.
  2. Lymph nodes and vessels, this network carries nutrients and waste material between body tissues and your bloodstream. Your lymph nodes act as a “security checkpoint,” filtering bacteria and foreign substances our of your bloodstream.
  3. Bone marrow, the soft tissue found inside your bones is the “factory” of your white blood cells. It is responsible for the production of the soldiers in your immune system army.
  4. The spleen, similar to the lymph nodes, your spleen filters your blood. The difference, however, is that the spleen is more of a “hospital” than a “security checkpoint,” meaning it is responsible for filtering old and damaged blood cells as well as bacteria and foreign substances.

Seeking Balance: Problems with the Immune System

Like any good military force, your immune system needs balance in order to function properly. With a weak or underperforming immune system, you will be more susceptible to infection and cancer. With an overperforming immune system, you can suffer from autoimmune problems like allergies, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.

An undersized military is unable to properly protect itself, and an overexpressive military often harms its own people (think: military dictatorships). Many people are born with immune system problems, resulting in frequent sickness, fatigue, or autoimmune disease. But everyone’s immune system – 100% of people – eventually succumbs to Father Time.

Chronic Inflamation

The Time Factor

As you age, after around 45-55, your immune system starts to experience a natural process called immunosenescence. Think of immunosenescence as a steady and drastic drop in funding for your immune system military. No modern weapons, no proper training, just chaos.

As a result of immunosenescence, your immune system starts to become more and more ineffective. 91% of all new cancer diagnoses occur in patients over the age of 45. Similarly, the rate of autoimmune disease diagnoses also increases in older populations.

Imagine an immune system under the influence of immunosenescence as a loose band of soldiers with little training and ancient weapons: Ineffective at fighting real threats, and often causing more harm than good.

So What Can Be Done?

Unfortunately, immunosenescence is completely unavoidable. However, there are ways you can enhance your immune system to counteract its effects. Many doctors suggest getting exercise, eating a healthy diet, and getting plenty of rest each night.

While all that’s great and you absolutely should diet, exercise and get plenty of rest, for many, that’s just not enough.

Thankfully, there exists a way to directly “upgrade” your immune system. Its like upgrading an old, tired and poorly-behaved security force into an elite special-forces unit. With this immune enhancement, your immune system special forces will be able to once again take care of any pathogen invading your body, while also having the discipline to shut down afterwards, helping to relieve autoimmune problems.

It’s called Beta Glucan

The method I’m referring that you can use to upgrade your immune system is called taking yeast beta glucan, the primary ingredient in our iNR Wellness MD formula. Yeast beta glucan is a miraculous natural medicine. Unlike any herb or drug on the planet, it interacts directly with the cells of your immune system, activating them to make them stronger.

The amount of activation isn’t small either. Check out its direct effect on your immune system soldiers:

  • 204% increase in the activation of macrophages (a type of phagocyte)
  • 267% increase in the rate of phagocytosis (the act of a phagocyte destroying a pathogen)
  • 854% increase in the activation of complement (An immune process that contributes to the production of antibodies and phagocytes, AKA increases white blood cell count)
  • 624% increase in the activation of Natural Killer cells (phagocytes responsible for destroying cancer cells)

Immune System Benefits

That’s a LOT of immune enhancement! Thanks to this direct immune activation, thousands of studies have shown yeast beta glucan to relieve and help all kinds of health problems. Why? Because as I stated earlier, your immune system is integral to every single aspect of your overall health. By enhancing your immune system, you’re really enhancing your entire health all at once.

Here are just some of the beta glucan immune system benefits described in clinical human trials:

  • Reduce incidences of sickness or illness (cold and flu)
  • Reduce symptoms of allergies
  • Reduce symptoms of autoimmune diseases
  • Reduce inflammation, chronic or otherwise
  • Reduces wound healing time
  • Lowers viceral fat area (VFA) in obese patients
  • Helps improve control of blood sugar
  • Increases feelings of energy

What’s the catch?

That’s a good question. You would think that with so many people having so many health problems, beta glucan would be wildly popular. So why isn’t it?

There are 3 factors:

  1. Beta glucan is not a drug, it’s natural. This means it can’t be patented, which means drug companies can’t charge gobs of money for it. Because of this, it can’t be FDA approved, so doctors are unlikely to suggest it to patients without personal experience trying it. It’s an Eastern Medicine vs Western Medicine philosophy issue.
  2. Because the immune system is so complicated, beta glucan manufacturers have been unable to effectively communicate its benefits to the public. We hope to change that with articles like this.
  3. Traditional yeast beta glucan supplements are only 85% purity. While this is better than the yeast beta glucan supplements of 20 years ago that were just 70% pure, 85% purity beta glucan is not as consistently effective as it could be. Because the immune activation happens when your phagocytes physically interact with the beta glucan molecules, each and every impurity can drastically decrease the effectiveness of the whole formula. This is why 85% purity yeast beta glucan supplements require a whopping 1000-2000mg per dose for proper immune activation.

That’s where Puracere, the proprietary yeast beta glucan in the iNR Wellness MD formula comes in. Through a special purification process, Puracere yeast beta glucan is purified to an incredible 95%.

With such a high purity of beta glucan, you only need 7.5mg per serving to achieve the incredible immune activation numbers cited above. In fact, those activation numbers (such as the 854% increase in complement activation) are taken from research that studied Puracere directly.

The final reason many people don’t take beta glucan is that it’s simply too expensive. The leading brand of yeast beta glucan charges $75 for 60 capsules of 85% purity beta glucan. At more than 4 capsules required per day, that’s over $150 per month!

Because of Puracere’s incredible purity, we are able to offer iNR Wellness MD for much less.

In fact, the single month price is only $44.95 when you order a 6 month supply. That’s over 65% off the price of the leading brand for a yeast beta glucan that’s 10x as effective!

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